Not a migrant

“We live above a fish and chip shop. I am told it is a traditional British food but this one is owned by an Afghani. My day consists of walking my little brothers to school, peeling some potatoes, then picking them up again. I share a room with my little brothers too but I do not get much sleep. Instead, I watch people on a little square they call Caldmore Village exchanging odd job offers, eyeing up women or just getting drunk. I haven’t been to school for 12 months but that does not mean I do not get any ‘education’. I get plenty of it at our ‘meet ups’ at Palrey Park” .

These are words of Mario, not an imaginary person, but one of many teen boys you may spot in Palry Park any hour of day, locally referred to as ‘East European boy gangs’. What he did not tell…

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