My bed is a bottom of the ocean.
My head is a wreckage,
a basket of bones.
Rare fish, like thoughts, pierce in and come out
and long thin seaweed hovers above.

© Irena Revina

Photo: Unsplash




5 thoughts on “Sleepless night

  1. about once a month i get insomnia, not really insomnia, a sleepless night, for no reason & i think, to have insomnia, to want to sleep but to not be able to, regularly, would drive me to the brink of sanity. i used to think i was an insomniac in university, but i wasn’t i just liked smoking marijuana at night so i didn’t have to share it & could read books in quiet.


    1. There was a period in my teenage life when I was too scared to fall asleep due to recurring life like dreams of levitation and leaving the room through the window. Wherever I slept, if the bed was in the direction of the window, I could not sleep. Unfortunately, this was a case for my very narrow room. It was a strange feeling because I could not open my eyes when this was happening, I felt totally helpless …unfortunately I had no supply of M at the time and it did not help that the books I found appealing were either spiritual or very depressing. Thinking on it now, it might have had something to do with energy flows but I am no expert – the suggestions of my friends pointing to ‘out of body experiences’ freaked me out so I just buried the whole thing.

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      1. i was a sleep walker when i was a kid. i injured my self a couple of times. i also worried my parents to death, or annoyed them, like when my dad caught me peeing down the stairs.
        have dreams continued to have a big effect on you? sometimes i can have dreams that stay with me all day, the feelings of comfort, or saddness are very lasting. i used to think by studying my dreams i could attain a mastery over my Self & reach a form of enlightenment.


        1. interesting thing is i somehow blocked all the dreaming the more i started to live an organised existence with regular work, family, bills and so on…now i complain about not having any dreams and when I do -they are the strangest dreams that stay with me for years. i noticed you have written about dreams before…

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          1. that is a very normal process.
            this blog began as a dream analysis blog, but it performed terribly. i kept them up for a long time, but i recently took them all off to make room for photographs. maybe i’ll post a couple as curiosities at some point. i put a lot of work into them, they were very dense & scholarly, so i think that wasn’t really popular with people.


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