12 years, 4 months and 7 days

That could be a fifth of our lifetime
No one willingly put their life on pause

It is not all my fault
You used to shower me with words
Like tiny bombs that never came off
their noses buried in the barren ground

You told me many complex stories
Grand symbols, brilliant films
But somehow their premature endings spoilt the kills

You wanted much effect
But I wasn’t affected at all
My needs were a lot simpler
Life’s undercurrent took over

Today, all I do is occasionally Facebook
Watch snippets of your successful life
Like shadowing of an old friend
The closest I get to be an unfaithful wife

I hear shuffling of your feet
Thousand and eight hundred kilometres apart
Hear your water taps, a person yawning
Your windows opening
A bite of lemon tart

When you speak to others there is no sound
Your wife, your child are muted
Muted out of my life speaking to your face
I am inverted into a different time zone
A black hole through which I intercept your days.


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