It was as if my elbow was lifted and placed on my chest
I trust you
You know the best
White, everything is washed white…

I am in a corridor
There is a chute
Someone’s hand is on my hand
And it is hairy.

And so, I assume, you are a man doctor
In 1969, the last year of my life
Could it all have ended with a hairy hand?

I thought I give it a try…
On the computer screen, Dr Weiss was talking
Slow, measured sentences, no rush
He said I should relax:
‘Imagine a door’
I pictured a door but it was already open
there was no bright light, just a shaft.

The kids were still stirring in their beds
My daughter listened to a sleep app
With light rain that was thick but gentle
And in her room, a lightning struck into a summer storm
Even though it was a deep November.

The hypnotist said I should relax again
As if he knew my mind was wondering
As if he was there, in my bedroom:
Don’t worry about what comes up’ he said
And I saw a white coat and a hand
 and it was hairy.


8 thoughts on “Past life

  1. Very cool. i don’t mean to be condescending, but you write exceptionally in English, better that many of the English poets i sometimes stumble across here. The motif of the hand reaching through time is wonderfully managed. “You know the best white” has a direct, yet mystifying quality, i don’t quite know why, i think it is the tautness of that line, to say so much in such a simple way, just enough absent to keep us wondering, which fills so much space. Great poem in short.


  2. This is so interesting. Past lives are one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever discovered, and I’ve seen quite a lot. Hypnotism didn’t work on me though. Had to try other methods. Hope you write more about it at some point.

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      1. That’s interesting. For me it was never really a question, it just seemed logical. And no one in my family really believes in it. The knowledge was just always there. I am super sceptical when it comes to “experts.” I’ve met some that were worthless, some that deliberately aimed to destroy others, and then there were those who really know what they’re doing.

        Of course my core philosophy is we really don’t know. But this just works for me. Because it’s the only reasonable explanation I have for some things that happened. Or have been happening.

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