Doing February like Tom Eliot

February two years ago…

Not a migrant

South Kensington is white washed against February sky. We step outside as if we had done it before – this is our street for three days.

Sun kisses our hats.

The mews stretch into cosy distance where window plants dance in morning shadows.   ‘I could see myself live here’, you say and I say ‘ the bin men are more frequent than in Birmingham.

Our sons walk shoulder to shoulder.

St Stephen’s Church appears in the corner like a turtle with a medieval shield. There’s the backdoor Tom Eliot used to escape from his wife and there’s the key hole through which she spied on him.

Sun touches railings of the basement flats.

Tom Eliot was a church warden. Keys in his pocket, he visited Virgin Mary when no one was watching: ‘Please forgive me that I had left Vivien in mental asylum. Please forgive me I hadn’t been to see her for ten years. Now that she is dead, give…

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Turn on the stars

Switch off the lights

their dirty tails dragging the day into the night

moping around torchlights for empty souls

Ban the TV flashes

Netflix series taking the minds on trips to nowhere

Make way for indigo

Soak in the darkness of the skies

Big Dip, Orion belt and the planet Uranus

where I had put my heart on ice

to give its beat a rest.

Where do you dwell?

On a ball of dust and its cold.

Where do you hide?

In Milky way with Maltesers for crevices.

Listening to white noises

I am watching the fireworks of upside down

billions of candles wondering the skies

my fellow creatures.

No lights tonight please, I beg you!