I am a mother to Antonika and Alex and a wife to Big G.

Born in Cental of Europe, I wholly enjoyed the socialist childhood and was totally oblivious to the politics apart from an occasional reminder not to mention Alexander Dubcek in my history classes.

With the father a wine maker I was never far away from a good party and philosophical -political discussions in somebody’s living room. I miss those open doors and intimate spaces that my current life in Birmingham can hardly replace.

I’ve always loved languages and learnt my first English from Madonna’s songs, a Norwegian exchange student and Sue Ryder’s charity shop where I worked as a volunteer in 1992. I had a go at French, German and Arabic and greatly improved my Russian by talking to my husband. As the ‘transition’ in my country continued, I frequently visited UK as a volunteer and even sold donuts on Brighton Pier Front.

A few scholarships, 1 PhD and two kids later, I am now ‘an expert’ in Equality law and local government specialist. In the precious time that I have left – the growing super diversity of Europe and world never fails to amaze me and I am fascinated with how everything we observe, do or say connects to another – in our pasts and futures.

This blog is not a showcase of hard research that one has to apply in a day job. It’s light-hearted reflection on travelling, culture, kitchen poetry and sometimes a therapy for a woman who’d like to think¬†globally but has no choice but to raise her family¬†locally.

And by the way – as you probably already gathered – No, I don’t like the label ‘migrant’, along with all the other annoying categories, such as an Eastern European or White Other.